All architectural photography Super Slick Retail Space – Would you shop here?

Super Slick Retail Space – Would you shop here?

Welcome to this super slick retail space. It’s the new BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) dealer showroom at Greater Vancouver Powersports in Langley, BC. We had the pleasure to photograph this cool space recently and really enjoyed overcoming the challenge of lighting that huge space. The enormous size together with the all black walls gave us the opportunity to do lots of targeted light painting!

The outstanding team at Optima Designs in Montreal worked with Mike, the owner of  GVP to create this impressive showroom for Bombardier Recreational Products. It’s a great space to experience comfortable easy shopping, complete with slick lighting and some good ole rockin’ tunes.

Custom designed shelving and racks provide a variety of merchandising centres that surround the main dropped down cage in the centre. It’s a seasonal feature space and works really well to showcase exactly what you’re looking for in powersport recreation.

While photographing the rad GVP showroom, I jumped on a few of these toys to try them on for size. This SeaDoo RXP300 is by far my favourite, and not just cuz it’s red and black (although that certainly pairs well with my brand colours!)

My guess is you’ll love shopping here.

Check out this super slick retail space

Super Slick Retail Space

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