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MPIO Awards

Have you heard of MPIO? They are Master Photographers International who run the MPIO Awards. They are a relatively new organization that is attracting quite an impressive line up of really talented photographers from around the world. They have just announced the winners from their 2016 image competition and WOW, there’s some stunning images!

Here is a link for you to see what I’m talking about. Pour yourself a drink, settle in to a comfy chair and enjoy this visual delight from the MPIO Awards 2016.

This is the first year for me to participate in the MPIO International Image Challenge and I’m super stoked to announce that my images are in great favour with the judges.

MPIO Awards - Award of Distinction 2016 - Opening Doors

This image “Opening Doors” received an Award of Distinction. It is a portrait I created of the Doorman at the Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool a few years ago. Such a warm and engaging subject he was!

MPIO Awards 2016 Prestige Award - Dixon Street Kitchen - built by Roadhouse Homes

“Dixon Street Kitchen” earned a Prestige Award and I just know that my client Roadhouse Homes is going to be pretty stoked about this! Dale builds some of the most progressive, functional and beautiful kitchens in the Pacific Northwest. The fabulous design is by Lindsay McLennan of Motto Interior Design

MPIO Awards 2016 Open Challenge Winner

I’m also honoured to share with you that I am the “Open Challenge Top Winner”.

There are so many unbelievably fantastic images among the winners and I’m humbled to be recognized along with my peers who create this caliber of work.

Thank you to MPIO for making this possible, thank you to the judges for your commitment to excellence and a special thank you to my clients who continue to challenge me artistically. I’m always happy to meet and hopefully exceed your challenges!

MPIO Awards 2016 Prestige Award - Winter Oasis - Client: Nita Lake Lodge

“Winter Oasis” was created for Nita Lake Lodge and has received many awards. It was a tricky photograph to make, in the dark, on a ladder, in the middle of a slippery snow covered road. The control of vehicles and foot traffic may have been inconvenient for skiers returning after dinner but totally worth it.

MPIO Awards 2016 Prestige Award - Penthouse Perspective - Client: Tom Bakker Design

“Penthouse Perspective” showcases the talent of Tom Bakker Design who renovated this spectacular apartment located in English Bay, Vancouver, Canada.

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