All Anna Beaudry Great Design and a Beautiful Living Wall

Great Design and a Beautiful Living Wall

During my usual morning routine of browsing the internet for great design while sipping a fresh brewed coffee, I came across this little gem today on the Retail Design Blog.

Kudos to our fabulous designer friends Sarah Desaulnier and Counterpoint Interiors who spent 2 years creating this on point space. The project features unique spaces such as a 6,000 sq. ft. ‘Oasis’ staff lunchroom that showcases a large Livingwall ( complete with a real pineapple ), breakout spaces and sleek banquette seating. Clean lines, lots of natural light and stunning views all combine to make for great design and an interesting photo shoot. Take a look!

Commercial project office interior

Even though we completed this project in 2014, it’s still exciting news to be featured – the Retail Design Blog is one of the largest and most popular collection of user submitted design stories, curated by the industry’s best.


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